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BACKGROUND: I'm a life-long resident of St. Charles and am active in St. Charles Noonday Kiwanis, Pikers Club, and St. Charles Fair Housing Commission. I've worked with Habitat for Humanity and served as an officer on the local Board of Realtors.
  • St. Charles High School, 1985
  • University of Missouri - Columbia; BSBA in Marketing, 1989
  • Realtor, 1991; Real Estate Broker, 1995
  • Sweathogs (advanced real estate marketing class), 1996 and 2000
SPECIALTIES: Residential / Foreclosure / HUD / Investment
PHONE: 636.946.6330 x 114
CELL: 314.220.5301
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: cdmeyer3@yahoo.com
BACKGROUND: Lifelong resident of St. Louis metropolitan area.
EDUCATION: Westminster College, BA in International Studies
SPECIALTIES: Residential / Commercial / Acreage / Leasing / Development / General Contracting and Construction Disbursement
PHONE: 636.946.6330 x 115
CELL: 314.280.5469
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: dingoproperties@gmail.com
BACKGROUND: I have 20 years of sales and marketing experience with 14 years in residential sales and rental management experience. I'm committed to providing the highest level of service to my clients and holding to the strictest ethical standards. My expertise includes historic home sales, residential sales, and rental property management. I have strong negotiation skills and am well-versed in real estate contract knowledge.
EDUCATION: St. Mary's University, BA in Business Administration and Marketing
SPECIALTIES: Residential / First-Time Buyer / Senior Living (SRES Certified) / Multi Family / Land Lots / Foreclosure / Investment Property Management
PHONE: 636.946.6330 x 112
CELL: 314.565.0273
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: georgejblack@gmail.com
BACKGROUND: I'm a long-time resident of St. Charles County who enjoys working with buyers and sellers in this ever-changing market. I have years of experience with first-time home buyers, sellers who are upsizing or downsizing, and sellers who need to short-sale their homes. Besides real estate, I enjoy my time with my family, which includes seven grandchildren. I volunteer for Therapeutic Horsemanship and serve on the board of the O'Fallon Kiwanis Group.
EDUCATION: Associates Degree in Marketing
SPECIALTIES: Residential / First-Time Buyer / Step-Up / Senior Living / Foreclosure
PHONE: 636.946.6330 x 124
CELL: 314-974-5501
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: marcymartin123@yahoo.com
BACKGROUND: I'm a life-long resident of St. Charles with over 50 years of family experience. If you need to sell or buy, I will be happy to assist you.
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent since 1981
  • Real Estate Broker since 1995
SPECIALTIES: Residential / Commercial / Investment Property / 1031 Tax Exchange
PHONE: 636.946.6330 x 110
CELL: 314.420.3837
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: carolynbushsells@yahoo.com
BACKGROUND: I've specialized in Real Estate Sales and Property Management/Leasing for over 25 years. My husband Jude and I are lifelong residents of St. Charles County, with three children and seven grandchildren. I will pay alot of attention to the details, making the sale, purchase or leasing of your home a more relaxing experience for you. Please feel free to call on me for your buying, selling, or leasing needs.
EDUCATION: Licensed Real Estate Professional since 1976
SPECIALTIES: Residential
PHONE: 636.946.7585 x 2
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: jordanstpet@aol.com

Jason Kuegele

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BACKGROUND: Born and raised in St. Charles County, I have over 16 years of experience in Real Estate.
EDUCATION: University of Missouri - Columbia, BS in Business Management
SPECIALTIES: Residential / Rental Property Management
PHONE: 636.946.6330
CELL: 314.280.6330
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: jkuegele@yahoo.com

Noretta Steinhoff

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BACKGROUND: I belong to the third generation of life-long St. Charles residents. I have three children who all live in St. Charles County. I'm a member of St. Cletus Church, a member of the Stitches for Life, Commissioner for the City of St. Charles Housing Authority, and a member of the St. Charles Board of Realtors.
  • Duchesne High School
  • Ozark Airlines Flight Attendant
  • CREC in Real Estate
SPECIALTIES: Residential / First-Time Buyer / Foreclosure
PHONE: 636.946.6330 x 117
CELL: 314.267.7370
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: Nastein66@aol.com

David Glidewell

David Glidewell
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BACKGROUND: I have 15 years' experience at Meyer Real Estate. I also have many years' experience in residential construction related fields.
EDUCATION: University of Missouri - Columbia, BS and MBA
SPECIALTIES: Residential / First-Time Buyer / Step Up / Multi-Family / Land Lots
PHONE: 636.946.6330 x 116
CELL: 314.280.2840
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: dglide1@yahoo.com

Bryan Sitarski

Bryan Sitarski
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BACKGROUND: I've been a Sales Associate for 12+ years and am experienced in residential and investment property sales. I'm also a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Club and am Property Manager for residential properties in St. Charles County.
EDUCATION: Lindenwood University, BS
SPECIALTIES: Residential / First-Time Buyer / Step Up / Multi-Family / Investment / Property Management
PHONE: 636.946.7585 x 1
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: brsitarski@gmail.com
BACKGROUND: I moved to St. Charles 20 years ago and never left. Let me help you discover St. Charles and find your perfect home!
EDUCATION: University of Missouri, BA in Biology, BA in Psychology
SPECIALTIES: Residential
PHONE: 636.946.6330
CELL: 314.780.0607
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: beckyanddoug@att.net
BACKGROUND: I have 40 years of Real Estate sales experience, am a member of the Million Dollar Club, and have earned a Graduate, RealtorŪ Institute (GRI) designation. I've also served as President of the St. Charles County Association of Realtors.
  • Central Missouri State University - Warrensburg; BS in Business
  • Sweathogs (advanced real estate marketing class), 1996 and 2000
SPECIALTIES: Residential / Commercial
PHONE: 636.946.6330 x 103
CELL: 314.713.4332
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: kolive34@aol.com
BACKGROUND: As a Realtor, it is my goal to make each transaction as easy and stress-free as possible. I look forward to getting to know you and assisting with any Real Estate needs you may have!
SPECIALTIES: Residential
PHONE: 636.946.6330
CELL: 314.780.5386
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: jeffpoolrealtor@gmail.com
BACKGROUND: I've been in the real estate business since 2006. I enjoy helping people find that special place to call home whether it's their first home, second or third. I also work in helping people find rental property. Whether you are buying, selling or renting I aim to make your experience as stress-free as possible. I have lived in St. Charles County for over 35 years. My husband & I along with our three children are active in our church, community and school district. I look forward to working with you.
  • BS in Psychology and Sociology – Southwest Baptist University
  • Masters in Education – Lindenwood University
SPECIALTIES: Residential / First-Time Buyer / Rental Finder
PHONE: 636.946.6330 x 129
CELL: 314.749.8976
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: wendyh17@charter.net

Michael Leigh Harbour

Michael Leigh Harbour
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BACKGROUND: I grew up in St. Charles and graduated from St. Charles High. I am a full-time Rental Manager with over five years of rental management experience.
SPECIALTIES: Rental Management
PHONE: 636.946.6330 x 130
CELL: 314-565-1080
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: michael.leigh.harbour@gmail.com
SPECIALTIES: Investment Property / New Home Construction / First-Time Buyer
PHONE: 636.946.6330
CELL: 636.262.6659
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: jimidake@gmail.com

Elizabeth Barklage

Elizabeth Barklage
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BACKGROUND: Born and raised in St. Charles, I am very active in the community. I am a member of the St. Charles Jaycees and the Young Professionals of St. Charles. I have several years of sales, marketing, and customer service experience. I pride myself on my strong communication skills, flexibility, and no-pressure approach to home buying. A home is one of the most important purchases you will ever make and I promise to do everything in my power to ensure the process is stress-free and even fun at times!
EDUCATION: Lindenwood University, BA in Business Administration
SPECIALTIES: Residential / First-Time Buyer / Foreclosure / Investment Property Management
PHONE: 636.946.6330 x 123
CELL: 314.660.4990
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: elizabethbarklage@yahoo.com

Sandy Boschert

Sandy Boschert
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BACKGROUND: I was born in St. Charles, and have been at my present address for 33 years. I've been with Meyer Real Estate for 16 years, and they've been the heart of St. Charles for over 45 years. I work in St. Louis, Warren, and Lincoln Counties as well. I'm an active member of St. Charles Borromeo Church and have worked with Habitat For Humanity and the Bright Futures Maternity Home. Your needs are my first consideration. I'm very detailed-oriented, which cuts down on problems. If a problem should arise, I don't quit; I work harder to solve it. I work for you!
  • Lindenwood University, Pursuing degree in Business Administration
  • Continuing education in Real Estate, St. Charles Board of Realtors
  • Realtor since 1977
SPECIALTIES: Residential / Commercial / First-Time Buyer / Senior Living
PHONE: 636.946.6330 x 102
CELL: 636.262.0852
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: ladybz@swbell.net
BACKGROUND: I have been a real estate licensee since 2006, but have worked in the customer service industry for nearly 30 years. This experience has rewarded me with excellent communication skills which come in handy when negotiating the purchase or sale of your home. I am efficient, hardworking, and dependable. I am a resident of St. Charles County but was born and raised in St. Louis County. I have assisted buyers and sellers in both areas.
EDUCATION: Graduated St. Louis University College, Mehlville Sr. High School
SPECIALTIES: Residential / First-Time Buyer
PHONE: 636.946.6330
CELL: 314-484-6116
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: lisamurphyrocks@yahoo.com

Todd Goldman

Todd Goldman
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BACKGROUND: I grew up in the Winfield / Foley area, and moved to St. Charles when I met my wife in 1986. I have helped home owners realize their dreams since 1981, have worked with Meyer Real Estate since 1999 and have been a licensed Realtor since 2013. I look forward to helping you buy or sell your home and earning your trust and friendship.
EDUCATION: Winfield High School
SPECIALTIES: Residential / First-Time Buyer / Foreclosure
PHONE: 636.946.6330 x 107
CELL: 636-465-9585
FAX: 636.946.9121
EMAIL: toddgoldmanrealty.gmail.com