Property Management


Meyer Real Estate has 5 full-time property managers. Our managers have the expertise to showcase your property to maximize your rental income and attract a qualified tenant. We are knowledgeable regarding municipal, state and utility rental requirements and use an exclusive attorney-approved comprehensive lease that incorporates our many years of experience.

We provide expert assistance, at any level you choose, to help you navigate the often-complex tasks of leasing and managing your rental properties. In both our lease-only program and our full property-management program, we help you rent your property for as high a return as possible, to the best tenants available. (Click here to view our rental application.)

First we help you find good tenants. We do this through advertising and through our broad referral network. We currently advertise through:
  1. In many cases, especially single family homes, we use the Realtors MLS system
  2. and
  3. Window / yard signs where permitted

We screen prospective tenants to determine their qualifications in order to predict,
as accurately as possible, how much success we'll have with them occupying the property. Some of the inquiries we may make include:

  1. Credit report from CSC credit services
  2. Criminal background check from Casenet (Missouri cases only)
  3. Current and past landlords
  4. Current employer
  5. References
We prepare the leases and related disclosures and forms. We try to ensure that all municipal, state and federal laws are followed. If your property is subject to municipal inspection, we prepare you, or help you prepare the home, for these intrusions.

The Meyer Difference

  • NO FEES until property is leased
  • ONE TIME SET UP FEE for life of your property’s management
  • No re-rent or lease renewal fee
  • No upcharges or add-on fees to maintenance costs
  • Free Owner Direct Deposit - ACH
  • Exclusive and comprehensive Attorney Approved lease that encompasses our many years of experience
  • Less than 1% eviction rate
  • Our designated Property Managers collect rents in excess of 4M per year
  • Fully Licensed Realtor Managers
  • Accredited by the BBB
Start up fee (2017 Spring Special): $600 Full month’s rent start up fee: $1200
Monthly fee of 10% ($120) x 11 months: $1320 Flat monthly fee of $80 x 11 months: $880
Tenant renews lease - renewal fee: $0.00 Tenant renews lease - 1/3 month’s rent: $400
Monthly fee of 10% ($120) x 12 months: $1440 Flat monthly fee of $80 x 11 months: $880
New tenant moves in - releasing fee: $0.00 New tenant moves in - full month’s rent: $1200
Monthly fee of 10% ($120) x 12 months: $1440 Flat monthly fee of $80 x 11 months: $880
Total for 3 years: $4800 Total for 3 years: $5440
Meyer Real Estate Co. saved this landlord a total of $640.00 over a three year period!


Rental Manager: Bryan Sitarski
636-946-7585 x 1
Rental Manager: Nancy Jordan
636-946-7585 x 2
Rental Manager: Jason Kuegele
636-946-7585 x 3
Rental Manager: Michael Leigh Harbour
636-946-7585 x 4
Rental Manager: Becky Meyer
636-946-7585 x 5

Full Property Management Program

Under this program, Meyer Real Estate not only helps you prepare the property and find the tenant, but we also manage all of the day-to-day operations of the property:

  • Advertise, market, and show property
  • Screen prospective tenants
  • Execution of lease documents
  • Collection of rents
  • Coordination of repairs and inspections
  • Day-to-day tenant concerns
  • Dealing with neighbors and association management
  • Move-out inspections and security deposit distribution
  • Monthly statements and year end tax reports

ONE-TIME SET-UP FEE (for the life of property's management):
50% of first full month's rent

FLAT MONTHLY FEE: 10% of rents collected

We have NO OTHER FEES OR ADD-ONS. We do not charge extra for rerenting the unit and you do not pay for a vacant unit (this keeps the rental managers motivated). We do not charge extra or add-on costs for normal repairs.

Lease-Only Agreement

In a lease-only agreement, our services end when the property, the tenant, and the lease are all properly prepared to start the lease. After advertising for a tenant, finding the tenant, and preparing the lease, Meyer Real Estate returns day-to-day management of the property to the owner. The owner has the responsibility of collecting rent, making repairs, and all moving and security-deposit decisions.

Fees are available upon request.

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