Meyer Real Estate: Serving the St. Charles Community for More Than Half a Century


In the Beginning: 1959-1989

Don Meyer founded Meyer Real Estate in 1959, with an office on Main Street in St. Charles. He used a box as his desk for a few months, before his aunt took pity on him and bought him a proper desk. From this humble beginning, Don grew the company and added several salespeople, including his father and brother. In the ’70s and ’80s, he was responsible for many farm sales in the area, as the once-rural farm community of St. Charles County began to urbanize.

That Was Then: 1990-2015

When variable interest rates began to climb above 15 percent, Meyer Real Estate started a rental department to help those homeowners who wanted to move but were unable to sell. This innovative approach took form in other areas of the business as well. Meyer Real Estate was one of the pioneers on the internet, with a website established as early as 1995. The ’90s also marked the beginning of the company’s practice of buying and flipping foreclosed homes – a practice that continues today.

This Is Now: 2016+

We are proud of the three divisions of the business that allow us to serve the greater St. Charles community:

Through the years, we have seen contracts go from two pages to nine, the beginning of buyer’s agency and building inspections, and the introduction of cell phones and computers. With all that we’ve gained in technology and efficiency, there are concepts lost that will come back again. Lease purchases, assumption of loans, and contract for deed are no longer talked about – but Meyer Real Estate has the experience to do things differently.

If you live in St. Charles it is possible (even probable!) that our company has sold your home at least once before, and we will be happy to assist you in doing it again. Let us show you the difference in using a company with strong roots in the community!


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