Tan home for sale in New Town St. Charles

Neighborhood Spotlight: Living in New Town at St. Charles

With its tree-lined streets, lakes and canals, New Town at St. Charles is unlike any ordinary neighborhood. Resulting from a weeklong initial design workshop in February of 2003, New Town was planned to combine the ideals of a classic American town and a modern community. The result? “A place where the coffee shop is right read more

Three-story historic home for sale in Old Town St Charles that features red brick and white columns.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Living in Historic St. Charles

Enjoy a little slice of big history in the Historic District of St. Charles, a colonial town located just half an hour away from the city of St. Louis. The Lewis and Clark Expedition arrived in St. Charles on May 16, 1804. And while the greater St. Charles area has turned into a sprawling metropolis, read more


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A lot can happen in a year . . . or 60! Meyer Real Estate began selling homes with wood paneling and shag carpet in 1959 and have seen our fair share of interior design trends since then. So, as we closed the chapter on another decade of timeless classics and short-lived fads, we’re taking read more

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A Brief History of Real Estate in St. Charles

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Since the dawn of humanity, humans have required shelter from the elements and protection from predators in order to survive. But the methods used to secure safety for one’s family or tribe have changed greatly over the centuries. Join us for a brief (though not at all exhaustive) history of how it’s been done in read more

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