Meyer Real Estate is a locally owned and operated general real estate brokerage that has operated in St Charles County since 1959. We are one of the oldest and most trusted Realtors in St. Charles County, accredited by the BBB, and have extensive knowledge and experience with the local real estate rental and sales market. Our rental Department started in 1980 with one rental manager, and we now have 5 full-time rental managers with a secretary in addition to the 20+ real estate salespeople. If your home is older than 30 years, it is possible, and even likely, we have managed or sold it at least once before.

We pride ourselves on our being an independent company and having the best knowledge of the local real estate market. The local real estate rental requirements change rapidly, and the municipal, state and utility requirements make rental management more challenging every day. We pride ourselves on making sure we keep up with local laws and requirements and make sure our leases and forms cover most all of the problems we have seen come up over thirty-something years of management. Our rental agents have the knowledge to market your home so we can get the best renters, and they have the experience to tell you how much money a qualified renter will pay for your property.

Best of all, we have one simple commission percentage paid to Meyer Real Estate for the management of your property with no add-on or upcharge fees involved with repairs or re-renting of the property other than a fee to a secondary real estate company should they bring us a new renter. If you don’t get rent, we don’t get paid, which works as a good incentive to find a good, qualified tenant quickly, and keep them as long as possible.

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  • NO FEES until the property is leased
  • ONE TIME SET UP FEE for the life of your property's management
  • No re-rent or lease renewal fee
  • No upcharges or add-on fees to maintenance costs
  • Free Owner Direct Deposit - ACH
  • Exclusive and comprehensive Attorney Approved lease that encompasses our many years of experience
  • Less than 1% eviction rate
  • Our designated Property Managers collect rents in excess of 4M per year
  • Fully Licensed Realtor Managers
  • Accredited by the BBB
  • Start up fee (2017 Spring Special): $600
  • Monthly fee of 10% ($120) x 11 months: $1320
  • Tenant renews lease - renewal fee: $0.00
  • Monthly fee of 10% ($120) x 12 months: $1440
  • New tenant moves in - releasing fee: $0.00
  • Monthly fee of 10% ($120) x 12 months: $1440
  • Total for 3 years: $4800
  • Full month’s rent start up fee: $1200
  • Flat monthly fee of $80 x 11 months: $880
  • Tenant renews lease - 1/3 month’s rent: $400
  • Flat monthly fee of $80 x 11 months: $880
  • New tenant moves in - full month’s rent: $1200
  • Flat monthly fee of $80 x 11 months: $880
  • Total for 3 years: $5440
Meyer Real Estate Co. saved this landlord a total of $640.00 over a three year period!

The main goal is to maximize your rental income for your property, based on current market conditions, to the most qualified tenant we can find in a reasonable amount of time.  You will need to discuss with your rental manager YOUR preferences.  Some owners want to emphasis more rent per month and other property owners will be more focused on the best and most qualified tenant.  Our rental process:

Evaluate your property and determine the rental income you can expect.

Identify your specific needs and desires associated with the rental of your property.

Prepare the home for lease including repairs, cleaning, and compliance with local municipal inspections and rules.

Advertise the rental in all relevant locations including Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Facebook,the Multiple Listing Service, and many more rental websites.

Collect applications from prospective tenants and screen them through credit, criminal, previous housing, sex offender, and employment searches.  Evaluate their application for problems and misinformation and make recommendations to you.

Prepare our comprehensive in-house lease and related documents including required disclosures and addendums.

Once the property is under a lease, Meyer Real Estate works on your behalf to make your rental experience as stress free as possible. The rental manager will:
- Collect rents and fees as they come due
- Manage repair calls and dispatch maintenance personnel as needed
- Handle tenant complaints and disputes on your behalf
- Coordinate municipal inspections as needed
- Disperse the proceeds monthly with an accounting statement
- Provide a year-end 1099 and operating report
- Handle all aspects of renewal or re-renting the property AT NO ADDITIONAL COST
- Asks your opinion of repairs over a certain amount, agreed to by all parties.

We take care of all day to day operations on your behalf and send you the proceeds. Unless you are looking to play a larger role in the rental, only if legal action, larger problems (fire flood), or large dollar repairs seem necessary will we involve you in the rental process.

Lease only costs one full months rent (a minimum is placed on this amount).

Full management has a ONE TIME ONLY COST of ½ of the first month’s rent as a set-up fee.  Management fee is 10% of rents collected only.  There is no re-renting charge and we receive no commission if you do not receive rent.  This ensures the rental managers try not only to get the best rent rates, but also to get long term occupants who pay timely.  Managers have no motivation to put in warm bodies or make people move quickly.   If your property is advertised in the MLS, a $250 fee to the tenant’s broker MAY be required.

An owner’s first question is always “What will my home rent for?”. We search the MLS and area databases for comparable rentals AND look at your property to determine the best beginning price. It is important to balance what the property will bring with tenant qualifications and tenant retention. You not only want to get the highest market rent, you also want a responsible tenant who stays a while.
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