Meyer Real Estate’s Repair to Sell program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for homeowners looking to sell a property that needs work before it is ready to hit the market. Many people do not have extra funds readily available to make the repairs and improvements necessary to give their home a competitive edge on the real estate market, and this can result in a lower transaction price or a person’s inability to sell at all.

That’s why Meyer Real Estate developed the Repair to Sell program! Homeowners who qualify for the program will receive a simple home equity loan to update the property to ensure a more profitable sale, and Meyer Real Estate will assist with the repairs.

What can you use it for? Think about what will help your home sell. One past client was trying to sell her grandmother’s immaculately kept home — but the 70s shag carpet had to go! Another client knew the old roof on his home would affect the sales price and limit marketing, so he used the Repair to Sell program to replace it.

If you’re not sure what updates your home needs to hit the market looking its best, contact us today! Our agents know just what sells — and what doesn’t.

Who Can Participate?

The steps for evaluating participants are simple: a title examination and an equity analysis. To qualify for the program, Meyer Real Estate must be able to determine that the homeowner will still have at least 30% equity in the home after the loan.

What Does It Cost to Participate?

There is a small up-front fee and a simple interest rate for the duration of the loan. Payments can be deferred for a few months while the homeowner is busy preparing the house for market, but this a very short-term loan.

Call 636.946.6330 or contact us here to speak with an agent and find out if the Repair to Sell program can benefit you and your home.