October 29, 2020 by Giant Hat

A fall maintenance checklist can help take all the guesswork out of wondering what’s next on your to-do list. Preparing your home for winter can help prevent disasters like frozen pipes, melted space heaters and ice buildup in your gutters. Winterize your home to ensure your family’s safety and avoid the need for a hefty, unexpected repair bill in the middle of winter.

Prepare your home for the cold months ahead so that you can focus on more important things like family, friends and a warm cup of cocoa.

Fall Maintenance Tips for the Inside of Your Home

Home is the best place to be during frigid weather. Stay safe, warm and dry by taking care of these household amenities:


  • D-I-Y clean your dryer vent or hire a professional.
  • Wipe down baseboards and air vents.
  • Clean ceiling fan blades and then reverse the fans to run clockwise. Use at a low speed to push warm air downwards.
  • Dust attic louvers and vents and inspect the attic area for any signs of pest damage and/or moisture on a sunny day before it gets too cold outside.

Inspect, Repair or Replace:

  • Test the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Change your air filter. Depending on its condition, you may want to replace monthly or at least every three months.
  • Inspect your fire extinguisher.
  • Check tile joints, grout and caulk. Repair any missing caulk around windows and doors.
  • Remove and store window screens.
  • If you use window AC units, store them away or install winter covers.

Call a Professional:

  • Schedule an HVAC tune up for your heating unit.
  • Hire a licensed plumber to fix any leaks inside your toilet tanks and other fixtures.
  • Consider calling a pest control company if you notice insects coming indoors as it gets colder outside.

How to Winterize Your Yard and Home Exterior

Your home can be vulnerable to harsh weather, from freezing temperatures and strong winds to heavy snowfall. Protect your home’s structure and your outdoor equipment before winter arrives.


  • Clear the area around your gutters and window wells.
  • Prune trees and shrubs.
  • Remove leaf piles.
  • Drain, remove and store garden hoses.
  • Store or cover patio furniture and barbecue grill.
  • Winterize your lawn mower, sprinkler system and, of course, your lawn! Fall is the perfect time to seed and aerate your lawn to maintain healthy, nutrient-rich grass.

Inspect, Repair or Replace:

  • Check your foundation walls for cracks.
  • Test outdoor lights and replace lightbulbs as needed.
  • If you are able to get on the roof safely, inspect the roof and its underside for any damage. Call a professional if you cannot do this safely.
  • Cover faucet spigots with an insulated cover.
  • Know how to shut off your water, in the event of a burst or frozen pipe.
  • Move any temperature-sensitive materials, such as paint or caulk, out of your shed or garage and into a safe warm area inside.

Call a Professional:

  • Have your chimney inspected by a professional at least once a year. They will advise of any needed cleaning, maintenance and/or repairs.
  • Hire a licensed, insured tree trimmer to address any branches which are hanging above or closely up against your home.

Other Tips to Prepare for Winter:

  • Weatherstrip doors that lead outside.
  • Keep a snow shovel and salt in your garage.
  • Add winter essentials to your vehicles: such as ice scrapers, jumper cables, flashlights and a warm blanket.

Prepare Your Home or Rental Property for Winter with Meyer Real Estate

Whether you live in a one bedroom apartment or a two-story house, prepare your home for winter and live worry free while warming up by the fire.

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